Creating a single set of guidelines

I was the lead writer for the brand voice guidelines for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. The bank already had a huge stack of outdated (and contradictory) guidelines—so to start, I gathered them up, pinned them on the wall, and identified the areas of overlap. This allowed me to create an outline for a single set of guidelines with design and writing best practices.



I annotated existing communications and created mockups to illustrate what worked well and what could be improved.

Before: Who would read this? Um, probably no one. 

After Instead of a wall of text, I proposed a way to show the key information in a table format.



Workshops with marketing teams

I also developed training materials and led several writing workshops to introduce the new guidelines to Bank of America teams and partner agencies.

Bank of america guidelines



Help marketing teams create clear, consistent communications.


Consolidate multiple guidelines documents into one easy-to-reference document with lots of examples.


  • Content strategy
  • Writing and editing
  • Training sessions with marketing teams

Team: Siegel+Gale